X-Men:First Class Macros, because silliness is always appropriate

Because I have too much free time today I started on a mission of making X-Men macros. I've made 5 so far but I've got so many more in my head that I will probably make over the next few days! They are not necessarily the most artistic things in the world but I hope you will find them funny!

Screen caps not my own but made by wrenton.

Quotes from: Mean Girls and Misfits.

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Fic: To Assume Makes An Ass Out Of You And Me

Title: To Assume Makes An Ass Out Of You And Me
Author: x_merlin
Pairing: Charles/Erik, X-Men:First Class
Word Count: 1633
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some angst. Man tears.
Notes: So I don't generally write a lot of fic but these boys won't leave me alone so I suppose I may start writing again. This is un-beta'd due to that exact reason so all mistakes are my own (feel free to point them out) and if I do decide to write some more then I will invest in a beta. Feedback is appreciated.
Summary: Charles makes an assumption, it leads to man tears.

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So Darren Criss is doing his first gig in London and it's the same night as my prom. SOOOO TORN! Hopefully he'll do others if he is doing one right? Right? ugh!

Trinity: A Plea

Recently I've been tuning in to ITV2's new drama/comedy/mystery/soap show Trinity and I have to say that I love it. Admittedly, it's not the most intelligent or ground-breaking series on the TV at the moment, but I think it has its merits and certainly from a fandom point of view, it has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the fandom is miniscule, and as far as I am aware, not a single person on my flist is watching it. Therefore, I have decided to create this post to encourage you all to watch the show and bring all your wonderful talents to this tiny fandom.
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1. Does anyone have a large, HQ copy of this pic that they'd be willing to share?


2. Also, any HQ caps, images, icons, graphics, wallpapers etc. of Katie McGrath in glasses.

3. Finally, just any general good wallpapers of Katie that would fit a large computer screen. I'm not exactly sure how big mine is (lol!) but I think it's 19" so I'm not sure what that would equal in pixels etc.

Thanks muchly! :)