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Trinity: A Plea

Recently I've been tuning in to ITV2's new drama/comedy/mystery/soap show Trinity and I have to say that I love it. Admittedly, it's not the most intelligent or ground-breaking series on the TV at the moment, but I think it has its merits and certainly from a fandom point of view, it has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the fandom is miniscule, and as far as I am aware, not a single person on my flist is watching it. Therefore, I have decided to create this post to encourage you all to watch the show and bring all your wonderful talents to this tiny fandom.

ITV says: Set in the gothic, oak panelled halls of residence and lecture theatres of the fictional Bridgeford University, Trinity College, the ITV2 eight part series brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "first term nerves". As new girl Charlotte and her fellow students settle in, they begin to realise that all is not what it seems in the quintessential English town of Bridgeford. Beneath the glamorous veneer of wealth and privilege lurks a much darker world, ruled by the mysterious Dandelion Club: a select group of over-privileged students used to getting their own way.

I say: This is mostly an accurate description. On the surface, this show is a superficial, cheesey and stereotypical look on the separation of classes in Britain's top Unis, namely Oxbridge and life in general at such institutions. The mystery element of the series is fascinating and plays out subtly as the episodes go on, also interesting in the way it affects the characters. Personally, I find that it is the characters that keep me coming back week after week to watch and that is what I'm going to try and sell to you.

ITV says: Trinity boasts a host of gorgeous, up-and-coming new talent alongside great established names, including Charles Dance, Claire Skinner & Christian Cooke.

I say: The cast is wholly attractive and makes for wonderful eye candy, both male and female. The interactions between the characters is really what this show is about. All of them seem like stereotypes at a first glance but each of them take such surprising turns and decisions that the audience are left guessing as to what they might do. Sometimes, they are deliberately cliche and the writers seem to share the joke with the audience. It's all very *winkwinknudgenudge*.


Theo Mackenzie (Reggie Yates)

ITV says: Theo's the clever kid from Lewisham who came to Trinity to make his parents get off his case. He never expected the place to be so – what’s the word? – weird. Still, Theo’s a happy-go-lucky sort, and not the kind of guy to let a vicious, elitist regime get him down, and after a few initial qualms he’s knuckling down to make the best of things - helped by the fact he’s hooked up with the hottest girl in the year, Rosalind. Result.

I say: Okay, I may be a little biased but I do love Reggie Yates! The guy is gorgeous and talented and such a nice guy. As for Theo, he is your every day South London smart kid, what you see is what you get. He's not geeky but he's not an idiot either. He's got heart and he's as loyal as he can be when he's torn in two different directions. His relationship with Rosalind was a big surprise and the fact that they seem to compliment each other so well, doubly so.

Charlotte Arc (Antonia Bernath)

ITV says: Swotty but fiery Charlotte has always wanted to go to Trinity. Her father, Richard, was once a Don there, and she always imagined she’d follow in his footsteps. But when he dies mysteriously weeks before she’s due to attend the college, her world collapses. Charlotte’s got issues to deal with – not least the fact that she’s getting up to a lot of things her clergyman father wouldn’t approve of.

I say: Charlotte is a great character because she is so conflicted. She tries desperately to cling to her principles and the values her father has taught her but Trinity is a den of debauchery that she can't help but fall into, especially when she takes the eye of Dorian. Another one who makes some interesting choices as the series goes on, she's had me yelling at the screen in frustration. She is a loveable character, even if she is a bit of a geek sometimes.

Dorian Gaudain (Christian Cooke)

ITV says: Dorian is the forty-second Earl of Colfax and eldest son of the Marquis of Ravensby, born with a full set of silver cutlery in his mouth. He's also President of Trinity’s Dandelion Club, which means he doesn’t have to do any work. Life for Dorian is a constant whirl of sex and debauchery. But with a new Warden on the scene, and an unlikely love interest in the guise of Charlotte, it seems that all could change...

I say: Dorian, well where do I start? He's one of those men who, despite being a massive cock, you can't help but love. It's enfuriating. You can't help but hate/love/fancy/pity him. His character grows and matures over the series and yet sometimes it's as if he hasn't changed at all. He's a paradox and a brilliant character. He's got a hoard of cracking one-liners too. And a lovely arse which makes many appearances.

Rosalind Gaudain (Isabella Calthorpe)

ITV says: Rosalind is Dorian’s cousin – and his equal for good looks and witty insouciance. That said, she’s got a lot more going on up top: a brain! She’s an ice queen and social goddesss, used to getting what she wants. At present, she rather wants Theo Mackenzie – the slightly rough kid from Lewisham who lives down her corridor. But that’s not going to last long, is it?

I say: Rosalind is a bitch with a heart. She tries her best to be this cold, uncaring maneater but deep down she's just a scared little girl with a bad history. Her relationship with Theo and her bizarre one with Dorian show how wide her emotions span. She flaunts her sexuality constantly and in a way it's a source of her self worth. She's got issues, for sure, and I can't wait to delve into them deeper.

Dr Angela Donne (Claire Skinner)

ITV says: Dr Angela Donne is the new Warden of Trinity. A determined, rather lonely soul, she had a torrid time at the archaic college as a student and is now determined to make the whole college fair, modern and welcoming to women. Unfortunately, Maltravers is determined it stay unfair, old fashioned and as beastly to women as possible. It’s going to be a hard fight.

I say: She's a strong, confident woman with an agenda. She's determined to abolish the Dandelion Club and to revamp the college. She's another one with a rather intriging past and it's interesting to see how all these things link together. She is frustratingly oblivious to the adoration of her loveable friend Gabe who in my opinion is perfect for her. At time she can be a little careless with the feelings of others but it's completely unintentional and due to her focus on the bigger picture.

Dr Edmund Maltravers (Charles Dance)

ITV says: Devious, acerbic, brilliant and rather sinister - Dr Edmund Maltravers has been Dean of Trinity for over 20 years. Although supposedly second in command of the college, he knows the place better than anyone else and has way in most things. Rigidly traditional, he detests those who would change his beloved Trinity – not least because they might uncover dark secrets he would rather keep quiet.

I say: Despite the fact that all his sinister doings are rather awful, I find that I still quite like him. He's got an evil sense of humour that appeals to me and as the series goes on I find myself feeling more and more sympathetic towards him. I can't wait to fidn out what he's really up to.

Maddy Talbot (Elen Rhys)

ITV says: Maddy loves the poetry of Dylan Thomas and things beginning with the letter N. A kid from the valleys who’s been ploughing her own furrow for so long, she can’t remember normality. As a result, she’s a slightly bemusing friend to Theo and Charlotte. She’s got a hopeless crush on Theo. He just doesn’t seem to notice. Poor thing.

I say: Maddy is adorable and a little nutty. Her clothes are insane yet she always seems to look DDG. Her crush on Theo is heartbreaking as she is such a great girl. She remains loyal to Charlotte and Theo and provides the shoulder to cry on for both of them. A great friend and sweet girl.

Angus (Mark Wood) & Raj (Arnab Chanda)

ITV says: Angus and Raj are two profoundly average male, virgin students. Best friends, they’re almost never apart. Pursuing nothing more than their next illegal high and the dim possibility that a girl might sleep with them, they always get entwined in the most important goings-on at Trinity. Despite their fresh looks, budding intellect and, erm, swarming pheromones, things rarely work out well for them. In fact, most of the time they end up naked, and not in a good way.

I say: Angus and Raj take on the role of the Shakespearian fools within Trinity, both literally within the plot and as their role in the series. I mean this in the sense that they have their own storylines outside of the main plots that create a comic element, all the while managing to end up in the middle of the major events that happen in the story. They're pretty one dimensional as characters but I hope they get some development later on.

Jonty Millington (Tom Hughes) & Ross Bonham (David Oakes)

ITV says: Nothing actually as these two are not featured in the list of characters on the website.

I say: Looking for the slash element? It's here. These two are a couple and extremely adorable. Jonty does not appear to be very nice at the start but we learn through his relationship with Ross just how caring and loving he can be. Ross appears to be the one good guy in the Dandelion Club and is very friendly and helpful to Charlotte in her hour of need. They are a close pair and despite not getting much screen time, Jonty is my favourite character.


Oh so many slash oppurtunities. I have a head full of plot bunnies but not the talent to write them. For example I would like to read:

-Jonty/Ross, lots and lots of lovely relationship goodies, how they got together, their first kiss, their first date, their first time

-Jonty/Ross with voyeur!Dorian

-Jonty/Dorian, hurt/comfort

-Dorian/Theo, angry/!hate sex

-Charlotte/Rosalind, angry/hate!sex

And I could go on forever. Basically, this fandom has so much to offer in the way of fic and meta and icons (the pretty men!). So, for a friend, please watch the show and fall in love with it.

You can catch up on the missed episodes here. So far 6 have aired on ITV2 and 7 are available online. The only comm that I am aware of so far is
but hopefully we can get a few more up and running soon. It's also worth checking out the photos on the Trinity official Facebook here as there are a lot more photos of the lovely Jonty and Ross. Also, Dorian has his own Twitter which can be found here.

So let me know what you guys think of this show if you do watch it and please joing me in my fandom love!

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    1. Does anyone have a large, HQ copy of this pic that they'd be willing to share? 2. Also, any HQ caps, images, icons, graphics, wallpapers…

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