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Fic: To Assume Makes An Ass Out Of You And Me

Title: To Assume Makes An Ass Out Of You And Me
Author: x_merlin
Pairing: Charles/Erik, X-Men:First Class
Word Count: 1633
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some angst. Man tears.
Notes: So I don't generally write a lot of fic but these boys won't leave me alone so I suppose I may start writing again. This is un-beta'd due to that exact reason so all mistakes are my own (feel free to point them out) and if I do decide to write some more then I will invest in a beta. Feedback is appreciated.
Summary: Charles makes an assumption, it leads to man tears.

To Assume Makes An Ass Out Of You And Me

He isn't sure how to they got to this point. Ten minutes ago he had Erik in check and was chuckling into his scotch at the affronted look on the other man's face. Now, the chess board lays forgotten between them as they stand screaming at each other in incomprehensible anger.

"How can you say that? She's your sister for Christ’s sake! How can you not want her to be proud of who she truly is?!" Eric shouts.

"Because the world is not ready for her! Do you think she would be safe walking around like that? This fight must be won in stages. We cannot expect acceptance from the outset!"

"Finally you admit that this is a fight!" Eric's face twists into an ugly smile of victory. "Then let us fight to the death. It's us or them, Charles, when will you see that?"

"I refuse to believe that. Human beings are capable of more compassion than you have seen from them, my friend." Charles's eyes are empathetic but he knows Eric only mistakes it for pity.

"You are a child, Charles," he snarls. "Naively trusting in these lesser beings will only leave you disappointed. I intend to destroy those who would have us killed, before they get the chance to contemplate it."

"And I will be there to stop you," Charles says, taking a step forward as he loses control of his anger.

"I do not want to fight you, friend, so do not stand in my way."

"I can't bear to think of war like this. They're stronger than you think!" Charles finds himself suddenly desperate to make Erik understand, see sense.

"And so am I, my friend. You taught me that yourself," the other man says, and the metal in the room groans as if to emphasise the point.

"Eric you are not invincible! This venture will kill you!"

"And so what if it does. I will have served some purpose at least. Why should I not die fighting for what I believe in?"

"Because I'm in love with you," Charles bursts out angrily. It isn't until he sees the widening of Erik’s eyes that he realises what he's said. "God," he says weakly, closing his eyes from the bewildered, angered look on the other man's face.

"Charles-" He senses it when the other man moves, taking a step towards him and reaching out a hand.

"Don't," Charles says harshly, and it takes a few seconds of silence and the opening of his eyes for him to realise that he has taken control of the other man's mind. Erik's startling eyes are pools of accusation and the telepath gasps as he releases his control. "Just go," he whispered brokenly, turning away.

Waves of hurt and confusion pour off the other man as he leaves the room and Charles breathes deeply as he patiently erects the strongest mental shields he can.

"Charles? What on earth is going on?"

Raven's voiced is concerned and he turns to smile at his sister, aware that the expression is shaky at best.

"Nothing, love. Go back to bed."

"I heard shouting. Did you and Erik have a fight?" She asks bluntly.

"I don't want to talk about this now," he snaps, throwing himself down in the chair. He can't help but wish Eric was still in the chair opposite. He longs for the jovial atmosphere of earlier.

Raven approaches him, the delicate features of her chosen form expressing all the worry of a loving sister and he feels the sting of Eric’s words. He is the reason she looks like this, that she hides her true self even in their home, even from him.

She kneels on the floor beside him and takes one of his hands between her own, soft, false ones. She stares at him expectantly and Charles doesn't need to use telepathy to know that she will not leave him until he explains.

"Erik and I got into an argument." He receives only a raised eyebrow. He sighs and runs his free hand through his brown hair. "I told him I'm in love with him," he says heavily.

"Oh Charles," she says, leaning up to pull him into an embrace. They stay like that for a long time, and Raven only squeezes him tighter when she feels tears on her neck.


The next morning Charles wakes up to a feeling of agony that at first he cannot define. Slowly, the events of the night before trickle into his consciousness like an hourglass and he gasps at the sudden onslaught of pain.

It takes him several minutes to recover and by then his face is damp with tears. He longs to stay in bed all day. Charles forces himself to get up and dressed and by the time he gets down to the kitchen for breakfast, he feels collected enough to get through the day.

He doesn't see Erik for most of the day, spending it locked up in the rebuilt Cerebro with Hank, but Raven assures him that the other man has not left, but merely kept to his room.

Erik makes an appearance at dinner and they manage to sustain a sense of normalcy for most of the meal. They avoid each other's gaze until their hands brush over the salt. Charles’ breath hitches and his eyes snap up to meet Erik’s and instantly he is lost, drowning in his love and grief.

"Charles!" Raven pinches his leg and the moment is broken. He turns to his sister and is shocked to see that her face is wet with tears. "You were projecting," she whispers gently, rubbing the place on his leg she had previously assaulted.

Charles looks around the table to see a myriad of confused, wet faces. He looks down at his hands; they're shaking.

"Excuse me," he says hurriedly, rising abruptly and escaping to his room.

He hears someone knock on the door some time later, but he chooses not to move from his position splayed on his front on the bed, his face buried in a pillow, still fully clothed.

"Go away, Raven," he calls, the sound is muffled by the cotton in his mouth.

The door opens anyway.

"Charles." It's Erik. He refuses to look at him. "Charles, are you well?" Erik sounds so genuinely concerned. It hurts to breathe.

"I am fine, my friend. You can return to whatever you were doing," Charles tells the pillow. He spares a thought for how utterly ridiculous and childish he must look before deciding he doesn't care all that much.

The door closes again and he lets out a long puff of air in release, rolling over and sitting up, his legs hanging over the side of the bed. He looks up and starts at the sight of Erik's figure leaning up against the closed door.

"You startled me, I thought you had left," he says with a shaky laugh, uncomfortable beyond belief.

"Not until you explain to me what exactly I've done to hurt you so much," Erik's voice is calm, giving away no detail of his thoughts or feelings. Charles refuses to open up his telepathy to find out; some things are just too hard to hear.

"You have done nothing, my friend. It is only my own folly that causes me pain," he replies honestly.

Erik crosses his arms and raises an eyebrow and Charles does his best not to stare at the bulging muscles of his biceps. "And what 'folly' would that be?"

"Falling in love with you, Erik. I do believe it is the most stupid thing I've ever done," Charles says somewhat breathlessly.

Erik's nonchalant expression does not alter. "Are you ashamed of your feelings?"

Charles shakes his head. "No. I have learnt to embrace who I am and all that that entails. I'm sorry if my.... inclinations disturb you at all." He looks away at that point, unwilling to see the reply in Erik's eyes.

"Then what part of this is hurting you, my friend?"

Charles looks back at the other man, his eyes glassy with unshed tears. "That you will never feel the same, Erik. Only that." The tears are falling freely now and Charles puts his face in his hands, his breathing harsh.

He doesn't realise the other man has moved until he feels warm hands enclosing his, pulling them away from his tear streaked face. He gets a glimpse of blue eyes before Erik's mouth is on his, warm and soft and everything he ever dreamed. He savours the moment before pulling away reluctantly. He cups Erik's cheek in one hand.

"I do not need your pity, my friend," he says softly.

"Charles," Erik's voice has a dangerous edge, "Be a mutant for once and read my goddamn mind," he growls before plundering Charles's mouth with his own, his tongue sweeping every cavern.

Charles moans into the kiss, clenching his hands in Erik's hair, following his orders he allows his mind to reach out and touch the mind of the man he loves.

He feels heat, bodies intertwined in a flash of different positions, his own face twisted in exquisite agony, Erik pounding into him, chanting his name. Metal cool and unforgiving against sweat soaked skin. Two hands linked together, soft kisses to foreheads, necks, lips. Erik and himself, outside, smiling at each other in the fading evening.

He pulls back with a gasp, his face wet with tears but for another reason. Erik's mouth plants sucking kisses down his neck and he can hear him whispering, "I love you, I love you, you’re mine Charles, meine Liebe," into his skin.

Charles heart unclenches and he pulls Erik's head up to look into his eyes. "I know. I love you too. God, I love you."


All feedback is greatly appreciated

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  • As/S

    I know a few people on my flist ship Albus Severus/Scorpius and I was wondering if anyone had any fic recs. What are the 'must reads' for this…

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